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Effective Article Writing Tips

Writing articles is a great profession for newbies who are looking forward to do something in the field of SEO, blogging or in content development. People who can write effective and knowledge based articles are God-gifted and they should come out to the world to show their skills and inspire others with their creative and unique expertise. It is said that in current era, people are looking for knowledge and the one who provides them is not only giving them some quality reading material, but also a good thing to share.

In follows, we will be discussing about how to write effective articles:

 Focus on the overall body of your article

When you are about to start writing article, always focus on:

1. Short introduction of topic in the beginning
2. Detailed introduction
3. Scope and popularity of the topic
4. Benefits & threats (if any)
5. Summary
6. Finishing

 Research if necessary

A writer can be asked to write articles on any topic. So it is important for a professional writer to do a brief research before getting started. Research is necessary because a person is not capable to be an expert in all the fields; and thereby research makes a written matter definite and we can add updated trends and developments in our writing.

If a person is writing about a topic he already knows, then a simple research will help him/her to get some updates of that niche or topic. This is just to add value and quality in article writing.

 Don’t plagiarize

What is plagiarism? Let’s say it is a curse for professional writers in recent times. Plagiarism is a thing when a person copies and edits a written matter of an author, without permission; and puts his name in the content and erase the name of its original author. This is openly referred to as cheating and stealing; and according to search engine point of view, this thing is considered as content spam.

So try to make your writing real and original. It is better to learn then steal. First try to write about what you enjoy to write. It would create interest and you would explore more about how to be a professional writer. Copy and pasting is easy but creating something new and creative is a thing only professionals can do… So who are you??

 Article Writing - As a business

Writing articles is not only a profession; it has become a major source to earn money. Blogging is also a unique technology where people write and share their thoughts. Now there are business blogs where people can write and earn regular and handsome income. So, article writing is not only a profession and people can benefit from it by becoming a freelance article writer for any company that offers online writing jobs.

This is the age of web 2.0 where millions of visits are made on a single website. Thus, opening doors for professional writes to give something new.

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