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On-Page SEO Tips

SEO on-page optimization is about working within your website without using external sources around the web. On-page optimization or on-page SEO is followed by making your website user friendly and search engine compatible. There are no predefined algorithms from search engines about how to maintain a complete search engine friendly website, but from the experience, SEO workshops and articles by associates of major search engines, most aspects of search engine optimization are unleashed and can be trusted to work on.

Important On Page Optimization Factors:

 Meta Tag Title:

A very important tag considered by most search engines; as this tag is not only shown in search engine result pages (SERPs), but it is also considered by nearly every search engine. Use targeted keywords in web page title and make sure the title is written in a sentence. Character limit for title tag is from 65-75.

 Meta Tag Keyword & Description

Meta tag keyword does not play any role in search engine ranking and it is only a formality in the process of search engine optimization. The tag was previously used as SPAM and people use to stuff all kinds of keywords without targeting their primary product or service. Later on, search engines changed their algorithm and now this tag has no value in search results. But this tag can be used to add primary keywords of the website.

 Content Writing & Keyword Optimization

Content writing or SEO copywriting is the base of every search engine optimization strategy and it is said to be the 'King'. Fresh content is a weakness of search engines. Always write unique and plagiarism-free content with keyword density of 3-5%, focusing on your visitors; not only on search engines. Try to adopt a natural tone what people like to read; rather then writing unnatural content with stuffed keywords.

 Hyperlinks & Optimization
Search engines prefer good internal linking within a website and hyperlinks can play an effective role in this sense. Use keyword phrases in file names and relevant keyword phrases when linking any related web page within a website. Make sure you don't stuff keyword in hyperlinks and file names. Best limit is to use single keyword phrase with 3-4 words.
 Image Optimization

Images can also be used to add keywords and get attention of search engines. Image optimization is not only helpful in getting top ranking but optimized images can also rank high in image search. So try to use primary keyword phrases while naming your images and use ALT tag to define your image with keywords in it.


Sitemap not only provides information to your visitors about your website but it is also helpful for search engines to recognize every page of your site. Sitemap with ".html" extension is for visitors & search engines both, whereas ".xml" sitemap is only for Google.

These simple steps of SEO on-page optimization will help you boost your way towards top search engine ranking.

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